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About Us

Our Vision: To create healthy and whole communities by diminishing the impact of chronic diseases.

Our Mission: To empower organizations to build and develop equitable public health solutions that decrease the burden of chronic diseases among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Beacon Public Health is a minority, women-owned consulting group focused on health equity—to ensure BIPOC communities can live healthy and whole lives.


We create customized solutions to help organizations address the pressing health needs of BIPOC communities to advance health equity and reduce health disparities.

Being healthy is a basic human right that should be accessible to all regardless of race or any other demographic characteristics. Achieving health equity is the core of our work— we do not simply check boxes to say we have reached diversity metrics.  We focus on making real change for the communities we serve.  

We believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with our team,
you should expect a collaboration with transparency
and consistency. 


Our approach is built on authentically engaging community members and organizations serving the community to provide equitable solutions that address the community’s health needs. We focus on translating health research, science, and policy to create customized solutions to help organizations create culturally relevant sustainable public health programming.  

We do our work by collaboratively working with our clients to: 

  • Educate communities on chronic disease risk factors, disease management, and healthy lifestyles.

  • Design, implement and evaluate equity-driven sustainable public health programming.​

  • Create dynamic culturally tailored health education communications to support healthy decision-making.

  • Support the public health workforce through professional development training and coaching to advance skill sets.

  • Build organizational capacity by providing technical assistance to support the organization’s ability to effectively develop and implement strategic, yet sustainable public health program planning that aims to reduce health disparities. 

Meet the Founder

Dr. Jovonni Spinner, CEO and Founder of Beacon Public Health and Maryland Healthcare Commissioner (appointed by the Wes-Moore administration) is an award-winning health equity strategist, thought leader, and TEDx speaker dedicated to advancing health equity across all stages of life through research, education, and community building. She believes health is a basic human right and uses her voice to support inclusive public health programs that support under-represented and historically marginalized communities. She has dedicated her work towards dismantling systemic barriers by helping organizations and public health professionals deliver dynamic, equity-driven, culturally tailored public health programs that meet the health needs of  under-served communities.


She has led state and federal health equity programs like the Diversity in Clinical Trials Initiative, Community Health Worker Health Disparities Initiative, and Virginia Vaccines for Children Program for the Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, and the state of Virginia. All of which have reached millions of consumers to help them make better-informed health decisions, obtain the services they need, and advocate for healthier communities in the pursuit of health equity. 


Her passion is helping organizations and public health professionals overcome challenges in delivering dynamic, equity-driven, culturally tailored public health programs to meet the health needs of under-represented and historically marginalized communities. She recently co-authored a book, “Public Health Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Intersection of Purpose and Profit” to share her story on her journey to public health entrepreneurship. 


She is also a public health adjunct professor, serves on non-profit boards, and is active in her community creating programs to build the public health workforce and mentoring early-career professionals. Her research interests include understanding the social and cultural impact of living with overweight and obesity among Black women and examining the root causes of health inequities and solutions to address these inequities. 


She has been honored by the National Minority Quality Forum, deBeaumont Foundation, Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund, and Emory Alumni Association as a leader in Public Health. She is an alum of Virginia Commonwealth University, Emory University, and Morgan State University.


Dr. Jovonni Spinner, MPH, CHES

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Are you ready to explore public health entrepreneurship?

Who says you can’t live in your purpose and earn income? Dive into the pages of this book “Public Health Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Intersection of Purpose and Profit” which explores the dynamic intersection of public health and entrepreneurship, showcasing the inspiring stories and impactful contributions of everyday individuals driving innovation in the field as public health consultants and entrepreneurs. 


Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Jovonni Spinner’s narrative illuminates the power of passion and innovation in addressing health equity. Her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how passion, purpose, and innovation can converge to create meaningful solutions to pressing public health challenges.


Read on to learn about her inspiring story and impactful contributions to drive change and make a difference as a public health consultant and business owner. She shares her roadmap and some “life hacks” to having a successful consulting business while staying true to your purpose. 


Get your copy today and embark on a path of impactful change. Available starting March 30, 2024. 

Ready to book Dr. Spinner for your next event? 

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